An Example of Pressed Wool Felt

By Yuki Matsuura
(Sales/Trading Dept.)


【あらすじ】(Short Summery in Japanese)

(1st article of “Pressed Wool Felt” series)

“Wool Pressed felt” is one of the typical industrial wool felt in all over the world.
For example, Automobiles, Electrical equipment, and stationery fields adopt the felt.
So why it is spread various fields?
What is the merits for the products?
These are the KEYS of the answers.

Heat Resistance, Shock absorption, Water & Oil absorption, Moisture releasing property, Soundproofing, Heat-retaining, Processing-workability, Resistant wear & tearing, etc.

Utilizing “Water & Oil absorption”, “Processing-workability”,
it is able to use as eraser of white marker.

eraser of white marker

Thus, wool pressed felt is used for unexpected applications.

Next article will focus on “Way of Producing of Wool Pressed Felt”.

Stay tuned,
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Pressed Wool Felt

By Yuki Matsuura 
(Sales/Trading Dept.)

When you hear the word “Wool Felt”, what comes to mind?

Woolen sweater?

Kit for Handmade?


It might be unfamiliar with you, but wool felt is used in various industrial fields too.

Wool felt has many excellent properties, such as…

Process-ability, Heat Resistance, Heat retaining property, Shock absorption,
Oil absorption, Soundproofing.

One of the typical industrial wool felt is called “Pressed Wool Felt.”

wool felt

   Pressed Wool Felt

As series articles, we would like to introduce “Wool Felt” from all angles.
Next article will focus on “Applications of Pressed Wool Felt”.

Hopefully, those articles will be the KEY of what is your looking for.
Stay tuned!
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